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Stencil Star: The Magic and Artistry of Caroline Lizarraga

In this installment of our Stencil Star™ series, we feature the incredible San Francisco-based artist Caroline Lizarraga.  She frequently creates outstanding finishes on all manner of surfaces and incorporates her love of pattern and color with Royal Design Studio Stencils in many of her decorative painting projectsWe’re so appreciative of having someone so talented using our stencil patterns so creatively and we are happy to showcase her work for you!

Sharing the work of stencil and decorative artist Caroline Lizarrage on Paint + Pattern blog

Photographer: http://www.sonyayruel.com/


Caroline Lizarraga is happiest with hands permanently covered in plaster and paint, working in Old World ways.  She trained for her craft in Florence, Italy and brings an “antiquated sensibility” to all her contemporary projects today.  She enjoys working with color and detail by hand, layer by layer.  Caroline is passionate about not only creating amazing interior environments but also in helping her clients find and express their own distinctive style. She calls her work “creating spaces that are utterly authentic and magically artful”.

Sharing the work of stencil and decorative artist Caroline Lizarrage on Paint + Pattern blog

Photographer: http://www.catherinenguyen.com/

Stenciled Floors carry so much impact whether paint in soft neutrals or bright and bold as Caroline did here for her client in this project that mimics an exotic rug or inlaid floor. Tangerine, hot pink and white paired with the Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil keep it looking young and fresh while adding a fun splash of color and pattern for a very lucky young girl!

What draws you to Stenciling?

I must say that I am very inspired by fabric and alot of time I try to make my walls look like a stunning fabric. Stencils today are really keeping up with fabric trends and your stencil choices are so vast.  I also love that with stenciling, you can be as bold as you want or you can take your stencil softer and more subtle. In that way there is something for every project.

Sharing the work of stencil and decorative artist Caroline Lizarrage on Paint + Pattern blog

Photographer: http://www.catherinenguyen.com/

Layers of glaze and plaster with our Silk Road Suzani Stencil create an incredibly dreamy worn textile effect on a fireplace surround.  Caroline applied this finish in her own bohemian-styled home, which was featured in Apartment Therapy.

How does Stenciling enhance your creative business?

In many ways. You can design anything and turn it into a stencil. We just completed a chinoiserie project and created stencils, which then we hand painted. It made the design more consistent and much more time efficient.  I also have many clients who love the look of wallpaper.  Once we show them what we can do with stencils, which can look like wallpaper and be much cheaper, they are hooked.  It actually looks better with stencils!

Sharing the work of stencil and decorative artist Caroline Lizarrage on Paint + Pattern blog

In a beautiful example of a classic stenciled wallpaper finish, the Florentine Damask Stencil shown here from the Allover Damask Stencils Collection adds relaxed elegance and a dramatic feature wall to this comfortable seating area.

Sharing the work of stencil and decorative artist Caroline Lizarrage on Paint + Pattern blog

A contemporary entryway is given the perfect graphic punch by Caroline with the stylish Contempo Trellis Wall Stencil. An allover stencil pattern like this actually helps to visually “open up” a small, tight space like a hallway.

Please share your top Stenciling tip with us.

The thing I think makes a stencil more beautiful is layering. Sometimes I put 7 layers of glazes on top of a stencil to give it that old world look. For something more modern, I change materials! Don’t always get stuck with paint. Try something unexpected….silver leaf, plasters….

Sharing the work of stencil and decorative artist Caroline Lizarrage on Paint + Pattern blog

Using layers of Venetian plaster, the Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil is embedded and burnished for a beautiful patterned plaster look in a moody, romantic bedroom. This stencil was previously featured on the colorful stenciled floor above — proving its versatility as a pattern and how much a varied color palette can change the look of a stencil pattern.

We are thrilled to share Caroline’s gorgeous artistry with you and would love to read your comments below!  Be sure to visit Caroline’s website, Caroline Lizarraga, to see more of her incredible work.  Don’t forget that you can pin these pictures for project inspiration and see more stencil ideas on Pinterest and Facebook!

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    • Her work is definitely amazing, especially what she does with Royal Design Studio stencils! Will definitely have to recreate these looks with wall stencils.

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