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Stencil Stockist: Brocante in the Barossa

Stencil Stockist: Brocante in the Barossa | Antoinette Damask Wall Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Stenciling has gone global! Royal Design Studio has several stencil stockists around the world and we thought we’d share some of the stylish stencil shops with you. We kick off the series with Brocante in the Barossa, a beautiful retailer in South Australia that is managed by the creative and talented Kim Valois. She shares quite a few unique stencil ideas with us that can easily be incorporated into your home, garden and fashion projects.

I love the Royal Design Studio products, ever since painting our boutique feature wall with Coco Chalk Paint® and the Antoinette Damask Wall Stencil. We get constant feedback on that wall as it has such a visual impact. Visitors can’t believe I did it as a novice, by myself and in just four hours’ time,” Kim shares.

Brocante Stencil Stockist | Paris Postage Stamp by Royal Design Studio

Kim is also holding a suitcase makeover with the Paris Postage Stamp Wall Stencil on Old White Chalk Paint® in combination with Coco and Antoinette Chalk Paint®.

Stenciling on Jeans | Persian Lace Border Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Jeans that rock with pattern and flair! Kim stenciled the hem border of old denim jeans with the Large Persian Lace Border Stencil. She used Old White and Old Violet Chalk Paint® along with Pearl Oyster and Bright Gold Stencil Creme.

Before & After Magazine Caddy Stenciling | Scroll Allover Furniture Stencil by Royal Design Studio


Stenciled Magazine Caddy | Polka Party Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Magazine caddies are super popular for Brocante in the Barossa. The project on the left was painted with Graphite Chalk Paint® on the outside, French Linen on the inside and stenciled with the Black Frost Stencil Creme and Small Scrollallover Furniture Stencil. It sold quickly! One of Kim’s team, Jen Colwill, created one for a nursery using the Medium Polka Party Stencil and a number of Chalk Paint® colors.

Stenciled Trim Pieces & Sample Boards via Brocante Stencil Stockist

Kim says, “I approach color choices a bit randomly and love textiles too, so fabrics are an inspiration. I also seem to have a bit of a love affair at the moment with the Royal Stencil Cremes. Stenciling allows me to take that further and create layers of pattern with color, especially on rustic timber pieces to create some nice texture.

[Clockwise from Top Left:  a) Stencil studies on timber, coordinating with this 1940s era vintage wallpaper; b) Studies for customers done in Small Fleur de Lace Stencil, Chalk Paint and Stencil Cremes; c) Samples created in workshops with the Mini Brocade Furniture Stencil, The Buzz Allover Bee Stencil and a mixture of Stencil Cremes and Chalk Paint; and d) Concrete garden paver painted in Small Fleur de Lace Stencil with Graphite Chalk Paint®.]

Stenciled Accent Wall via Stencil Stockist Brocante | Scroll Allover Stencil by Royal Design Studio

This is a narrow stenciled wall Kim did in her own home.  She used the Small Scrollallover Stencil in Pearl Oyster Stencil Creme on a light gray wall. So warm and elegant!

Kim has big plans for stencils! “I enjoy using the stencils for texture and pattern in my work. After using several in a straight manner, I have begun to explore over-stenciling the patterns with different colours, blending them wet in wet at times. It feels a bit like being a fabric or wallpaper pattern designer! I like choosing tonal schemes for the first layer, but then have begun having fun with adding other accent colours to create visual depth. We will be taking more of the pattern, texture and colour into artistic directions, including new art works.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into the lovely Brocante in the Barossa shop, as well as the creative stencil works by Kim Valois and her team. Be sure to let them know how you like their projects in the comments!

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