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Stencil Tutorial: Large Medallion Cabinet Makeover

A few years ago I painted and stenciled this large rustic storage piece for my home studio. I have enjoyed the organic circles of the Royal Design Studio Circling Allover Stencils as well as the muted color scheme for ages.

DIY Furniture Stencil Tutorial: Large Medallion Cabinet Makeover

But lately I have been craving a change because I finally purchased a new rug that I’m crazy about: I like its warm colors, large scale pattern, and ability to hide paint drips.  So, a new rug means it’s time to repaint some furniture for Paint+Pattern, right?

DIY Furniture Stencil Tutorial: Large Medallion Cabinet Makeover

Royal Design Studio has so many new designs to choose from that I’ll admit selecting the perfect one could have been a tedious process. However, the moment I discovered Allison Woolley’s medallion stencil, I fell in love with the idea of another circular design, stenciled on a totally simple background. Often, medallion stencils are used at the ceiling as an anchor design for a light fixture, but the sample photo on the Royal Design Studio website showed Allison’s medallion above a mantel. This creative idea is what inspired me for my own piece.

To begin, I painted the cabinet a soft, mustardy yellow to coordinate with the rug. Then I added a wash of off-white just to the front panels to create a focal point.

DIY Furniture Stencil Tutorial: Large Medallion Cabinet Makeover

Stenciling made the magic, and here’s how I did it.


DIY Furniture Stencil Tutorial: Large Medallion Cabinet Makeover

Decide where to place the stencil pattern. My furniture piece has really odd center sections and two rows of hardware, so I pretended that the center of the circle was at the center of the vertical bar, then let the pattern fall as it may within the off-white area. I knew that I would always want to hang some type of decorative piece at the center of the armoire, so this was also part of the design placement decision.

I cut some of the stencil off near the outer edge to make stenciling easier. Level or measure as needed, then tape in position.

DIY Furniture Stencil Tutorial: Large Medallion Cabinet Makeover

Use the large stencil brush to stencil the areas that don’t touch an edge. Dip the tips of the bristles into Smoked Oyster Stencil Creme, then off-load any excess paint onto paper towels. To butt the stencil into the edge, push it into place with one hand, and stencil with the small brush. If you need to, use a tiny stiff paintbrush to hand paint any missing designs.

DIY Furniture Stencil Tutorial: Large Medallion Cabinet Makeover

For the second pattern, simply flip the stencil around, and measure to be sure the pattern matches the opposite side. While engrossed in your project, watch for drive-by visits from a kitty that wants treats and some loving attention. Right. Now.

Finish stenciling. Let dry for a few minutes, then sand lightly.

DIY Furniture Stencil Tutorial: Large Medallion Cabinet Makeover

This is true: while I was walking by the guest bedroom at the end of my project, I spied this round boxwood wreath, and Good Grief, it was a perfect fit to pull together the simple, fresh look I was going for. Isn’t life as a stencil-loving nut serendipitous sometimes?

And how awesome is this: I have traveled to Italy twice with painting groups organized by Melanie Royals and Gary Lord. There, we worked with the amazingly talented Allison Woolley. Using one of her designs in my home brings back so many wonderful memories, and there is a new trip in 2016 to Villa di Modollo in the Venice region of Italy. Click here to see details. Don’t miss this opportunity to join a painting adventure with the best of the best!

Hope by now you visit Paint+Pattern often. There are so many ideas for all skill and project levels, featuring zillions of gorgeous Royal Design Studio stencils!

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