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Stenciled Canvas Pillow Covers

Stenciled canvas pillow covers are a perfect project for beginners and experienced stencilers alike. Beginning stencilers have the opportunity to “practice” their skills on a small, unintimidating project, while experienced artists can unleash their creativity in a small area. Add tassels, trims, buttons, stamping and ribbons for custom, decorator looks.

Pear - Cherry Stenciled Fabric Pillow

Pictured, 14″ Canvas Envelope Pillow covers were used to create these custom botanical pillows. Tape was used to define a frame around the front of the pillow. After painting it a darker green, light green was used to stencil the Lacy Leaves over it. Inside, ideally sized designs from the Pear Stencil Set and Cherry Stencil Set were centered and stenciled.

Simply insert a smooth, stiff piece of cardboard or plastic that has been cut to size, and you will have a hard, even surface that is ready to work on.
See our tip on Fabric Basics and our Extraordinary Stenciled Effects Video: Fabric and Glass for more detailed fabric painting information.
This cord-edge pillow has been stenciled using the “Tinted Sepia Print” technique that is demonstrated in our Extraordinary Stenciled Effects Video: Stenciling Foundations. The Flower Spray B design was stenciled first with Raw Umber, and then lightly tinted with soft rose and green colors for a very romantic look.
Flange - Rose Stenciled Fabric Pillow
Another pillow, was stenciled to match using the Small Allover Brocade Stencil pattern in Raw Umber, Green and Rose. Tape was used to contain the pattern inside the sewn edge.
Pillows offer an inexpensive way to customize and change your decor easily AND they make great gifts for loved ones!
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