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Stenciled Pillow Nursery Decor for a Baby Buck

When it comes to baby gift giving, there is nothing more special than art from the heart! Debbie shares how to stencil a cuddly custom pillow for a baby boy nursery that is both pretty and practical.

Stenciled nursery decor for a boy. Stencil a pillow with stencils from Royal Design Studio

My 7-week-old great nephew Maverick is the focus of three boy’s room-focused stenciling projects on Paint + Pattern this month. We can’t wait to see him soon to deliver these goodies that my niece Jackie and I coordinated when she sent me photos of the little guy’s adorably decorated room. She had chosen a woodland deer theme, and when I looked at the Royal Design Studio website, I discovered several perfect new stencil patterns in the Bonnie Christine collection that are based on her “Hello Bear” fabric collection!

Jackie has a daybed in Maverick’s room with a cute comforter, so I decided to make a pillow to add to the already comfy-looking corner. Kids can never have enough pillows to snuggle with, and of course, use for pillow fights. Maverick has an older brother, Bowen, who is red-haired and “all boy”, for sure. They will be quite a pair!

Stencil Supplies

Stenciled nursery decor. Stencil a pillow with stencils from Royal Design Studio

To start: I cut two pieces of fabric to the exact size of the pillow, which is 12” by 16”, so it would fit snug inside. Lay out the Stencil Cremes and one stencil brush for each color.

Place the Buck Forest stencil on top of the first piece of fabric, finding the best position that allows for a ½” seam. Dip just the tips of the stencil brush into a Royal Stencil Creme color. Offload all excess paint onto the paper towels, and stencil using a swirling motion with the brush. I stenciled all of the deer heads using Coppery Kettle Stencil Creme, except for just one deer, which I stenciled with Patina Green.

Place the Firefly stencil on top of the deer, and stencil it randomly using a couple of colors. Move the stencil around as you wish to add more fireflies.

Boy's room stenciled nursery decor. Stencil a pillow with stencils from Royal Design Studio

Stencil the back of the pillow, using just the Fireflies stencil and the color of your choice. This way, you will have a reversible pillow.

My ancient Singer sewing machine is on the fritz, so I ran over to my friend Gloria’s house. She pinned the two pieces together, with the stenciled sides facing in, then stitched around three sides. Gloria left one side open so we could insert the pillow, then I just hand-stitched it closed. Since I did not add a zipper, I am going to spray the pillow with Scotchgard® to make it resist stains from future fort-building and army man invasions!

Stenciled nursery decor. Stencil a pillow with stencils from Royal Design Studio

If you are an expectant Mommy, or seeking ideas for a baby shower, I hope you got a peek at my baby boy name wall artwork that I also stenciled for Maverick. Stay tuned to more Paint + Pattern in June for the last little gift for Maverick and red-haired brother Bowen. Coming soon….A stenciled splat mat, perfect under the high chair, or on the floor for play date adventures.

Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils and Paint Supplies for DIY Projects

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