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Stencils & Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ® for a Chic Chateau


Chic Chateau is a charitable event that combines a designer showcase house with hand painted projects by local artisans.For this year’s event Debbie Hayes of Annie Sloan Unfolded Blog and friends trained over 2 dozen designer how to use Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint and set them loose to upcycle furniture to sell at the event to benefit Habitat for Humanity.

Many of the projects painted included Royal Design Studio stencils-so of course we want to share them with you!

Stencil Hangups: A cool canvas wall hanging combines Chalk Paint ® with a layered pattern treatment using our geometric Houndstooth Allover Wall Stencil and Small Ribbon Damask stencil. Custom canvas art like this is so easy to create! Just add tabs and a decorative curtain rod for instant are that you can take anywhere.

A Door Able: A six-panel salvaged door becomes a colorful chalk board with multiple colors of Chalk Paint ® from Annie Sloan and decorative details stenciled with our Springtime in Paris Typography stencil. SO clever and what a way to make a statement that you can change at will!

Royal Reflection: Off White Chalk Paint™ and our Queen’s Crown Stencil combine to create a custom art piece. Did you know that Chalk Paint bonds very well to glass and is perfect for transforming both glass and mirror with decorative design? Well, now you do!

Are you inspired to explore more stencil and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ®project ideas?

Have a perfectly patterned day!

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