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Summer Looks For Perfectly Paisley Pattern!


Paisley patterns are so enduring and are haute year in and year out for both interiors and fashion. In the Paint + PatternBlogazine, we featured just how beautiful paisley patterns can be for interiors. If you’re intrigued by the look, you’re in luck! Royal Design Studio stencils have so many paisley patterns to choose from, it’s easy to find just the right design and size for your space. We’re featuring four of our most popular patterns to show you how easy and versatile stencils can be on any surface and using any color!



The Indian Paisley Damask Stencil from the Allover Damask Stencils Collection is perfect for larger surfaces such as walls or used in smaller projects, like fabric curtains. It also fits just right on furniture, floors and more. Be sure to check out the Happy Habitat stenciled curtain how-to, to learn how easily you can make it yourself.



Don’t the Small Paisleys Furniture Stencils look great on the wood drawer fronts? They also look fab on the stenciled copper leaf glass table by Just Paint It. These stencils are perfectly sized for furniture and small projects and you have several designs to choose from.  You can also check out our Reverse Stenciling and Gilding on Glass Tutorial.



The Printed Indian Paisley Damask Wall Stencils were used here on a stenciled feature wall with the larger stencil pattern and by Pretty Handy Girl on a fashionable stenciled scarf with the smaller size option of the same stencil pattern. Both are SO pretty!



Stencils can be used in any color scheme you desire. You can see here that both the Bombay Paisley Wall Motif Stencil and theGrande Bombay Paisley Wall Motif Stencil from the Global & Ethnic Stencils Collection works great on a light or colored background.  As a motif stencilyou control how little or how many paisley patterns grace your surface.

Want a fun fact? In India, where the paisley pattern originated, paisleys are also known as “keri” owing to the resemblance in the shapes of the two. And in India mangoes are only available during summer. So summer is the perfect time to think of paisley stencils!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these powerful paisley stencil ideas! To see more paisley patterns on the Royal Design Studio website, just hit search for the word ‘paisley’ – you’ll see them all there!  We’d love to see your project results so please feel free to share them with us via e-mail, our Royal Stencil Projects Pinterest Group Board or Facebook fan page. Have an inspired stencil-icious day!

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