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The Elegant Art of Verre Eglomise by Miriam Ellner

Decorative glass art on dressing room door panels by Miriam Ellner via Paint + PatternDressing Room Door Panels as photographed by Eric Laignel

Paint + Pattern takes you on a virtual design tour of the world! Each month we visit a different country and share their decorative arts, creative masters and design trends. Last month we traveled through the glorious country of France and this month we set foot on our own soil, the United States. Join us as we celebrate the anniversary of our country as well as its own stamp on the world of the arts.

Verre Eglomisé is a French term which means “glass gilded” and refers to the technique of gilding on glass to create veritable works of art with mirror-like surfaces. While the art form dates back a few centuries, it is still used in modern day design on furniture, décor accents as well as walls and ceilings. The results can easily flow from traditional to starkly contemporary and one of the world’s greatest masters in the art of providing these versatile designs is New York-based Miriam Ellner.

Herringbone pattern design on glass by decorative glass artist Miriam Ellner | Paint + PatternHerringbone Pattern design for Jeffrey Bilhuber

Moorish glass panels by decorative glass artist Miriam Ellner | Paint + PatternMoorish Glass Panels for designer Sean Johnson

Chinoiserie Bathroom walls by decorative glass artist Miriam Ellner | Paint + PatternChinoiserie Bathroom at the Plaza Hotel (New York)

Miriam Ellner was introduced to the art form in the 1990s while she was studying decorative painting and gilding in Brussels. She has focused her passion and her considerable talent to the study of verre eglomise and has amassed a gorgeous portfolio of notable works, including designs for Jeffrey Bilhuber, Bunny Williams and Celerie Kemble.  Many of the projects she takes on encompasses wrapping full walls in her glorious decorative glass works.

Gilded furniture by decorative glass artist Miriam Ellner | Paint + Pattern

Fireplace surround by decorative glass artist Miriam Ellner | Paint + Pattern

Ms. Ellner’s studio also works on other surfaces, such  as doors, furniture, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, table tops and ‘canvas’ art works as well.

Artwork by decorative glass artist Miriam Ellner | Paint + Pattern

Verre Eglomise pattern panels by decorative glass artist Miriam Ellner | Paint + Pattern

Glass painting by decorative glass artist Miriam Ellner | Paint + Pattern

Working with metal leafs, mica powders and a variety of other materials and tools, Ms. Ellner is able to create simple designs and extraordinarily complex patterns and mural works. Verre Eglomise is an art form that requires patience as pieces can take as little as a few weeks to several months to complete.

Sky ceiling by decorative glass artist Miriam Ellner | Paint + PatternVerre Eglomise Sky Ceiling. Interior Design by Celerie Kemble.

Tavern on the GreenInset Decorative Panels at Tavern on the Green. The close-up showcases the various colored leaf metals used.

Panels in a restaurant with barbados palladium leaf and a white mica background designed by Miriam Ellner | Paint + PatternBarbados Restaurant, Cin Cin by the Sea

Ms. Ellner works on commissions installed around the world and has been a part of several high-profile projects. Many high-end hotels, such as the Ritz Carlton, have been graced with her artistry as well as iconic world-renowned restaurants such as Tavern on the Green.

The Museum of Arts & Design recently honored Miriam Ellner by including her in their NYC Makers: The Mad Biennial exhibition, which honors exemplary New York artists. We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing her glorious decorative glass works!

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Photos via the Miriam Ellner website, newsletters or Facebook page.


  1. So gorgeous! I love the Moorish arch!

  2. Thersa B Giffin

    Miriam’s work always takes my breath away. Extraordinary details and applications. I would love to sit near her and see her face as she works, it must be filled with such passion and intensity.

  3. I have always admired her work. This is so inspiring it makes me want to drop everything and get out supplies!

  4. How I love her work. So inspiring. Installing that ceiling must have been very interesting!!

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