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Yummy Design: Cake Stencils

The Art of Cake

Gregory Bingham, owner of The Art of Cake has ONE SWEET business creating mouthwatering masterpieces for weddings and other special occasions.

The Art of Cake

He recently sent us some photos of some lovely cake confections that he had created and decorated with one of our Royal Design Studio stencils, the Thistle Border. On this one the black design is applied with a putty knife and royal icing. It is then sprayed with an edible lacquer that raises the grain and makes it look like velvet. Imagine! Cake stencils!

The Art of Cake

This one uses an edible luster dust (sounds almost erotic!) that is applied with a brush. I think I would have really hard time actually CUTTING into these cakes, wouldn’t you?? Cake stencils are making it hard for me to have my cake and eat it too!


  1. Its a good thing we use non edible paints because I would definetely have to sample our creations…then I think I’d have to give up those figure competitions!

    these are a work of art, almost a pity to cut into it!

  2. These are sublime. It’s really amazing what other artists use as materials to create the effects wanted. Never knew cake could “feel” like velvet. I’m sure it was so cool to see your stencil used in a unique way.

  3. How awesome! The sky is the limit with how unique an artist can get with the right tools and materials.
    Yummy art!

  4. I just love cake “art”. I spent the weekend researching materials in order to trowel some royal icing over the stencils. How timely, a post, Melanie. Again, thank you for the inspiration and congrats on the publicity.

    Grace 🙂

  5. So did you let this guy know that you’re in the market for a wedding cake? Maybe he would cut you a sweet deal.

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